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Support Engineer

RemoteBunnik, Utrecht, NetherlandsSupport

Job description

The company

DMP is the best-known data management specialist in the Netherlands, and DMP is on the rise worldwide as well. With over 90 specialists, divided over offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and South Africa, we serve more than 350 customers worldwide, with our reliable and cost-effective data management solutions.

In 2020, DMP has been acquired by Broad Horizon group, provider of IT, data, and cloud solutions. With this acquisition, DMP (internationally) is growing even faster. Want to grow with us?

Who we are

DMP colleagues are passionate, pleasant to work with, and highly skilled. We enjoy working every day to deliver our expertise to our customers, both independently and as part of a team. We are always looking for entrepreneurial new colleagues, skilled team players witha passion for the work field. Ambitious people who want to grow and continue to develop. Daring people who do not hesitate to take the first step themselves.

Who you are

You have a solution for every problem! In fact, you see opportunities where others see problems. You enjoy helping others and reducing occurring problems. You are customer-friendly and service-oriented, even if you got out of bed on the wrong side (let's be honest, that happens to all of us sometimes). Even though you may not solve the problem immediately, you know how our customers value being informed on the status of their ticket. Therefore, you always keep them up to date.

What your day could look like

You start your day behind your computer (at home or at the office), and you discuss current affairs with the team over a cup of coffee or tea. Next up, fixing an open support ticket for our back-up solution. It’s a tough nut to crack: you dive into logs and must show the very best of your trouble shooting skills. Information is obtained from previous experiences and documentation from the client. After racking your brain for a while, you find the problem and solve the ticket. One ticket down, on to the next!

This is a completely different problem, and you don’t know (yet) how to fix it yourself. Luckily, your direct colleagues in the support department can help you or find someone else within the company than can. After all, you know all of them, and they know you.

The third ticket is unsolvable for you and your colleagues, so you go to the supplier. You provide their support department with all information needed to confirm what you already thought was wrong: there’s a bug in their product and they must forward your ticket to their developers. Kudos to you! Now it is up to you to inform your customer.

In the meantime, a customer calls you. This time it’s a question you know the answer to right away. You register it and then it's time for some refreshments, and maybe a game with a colleague.

Working from home today? Please make sure to stretch your legs every now and then and take your eyes off the screen (we know our people: before you know it, they're sitting behind the screen 24/7)! If you are at the office, you can sit down with colleagues in our cozy company canteen where a delicious home-cooked lunch is prepared. Every day a different, delicious surprise.

In the afternoon you and a colleague take a look at the ticket you couldn't fix before and solve it together. One more ticket solved! Too bad a customer just called with a different problem. Or not ;-)

This very dynamic and varied day has already come to an end. You check tomorrow’s agenda, close your laptop, and whether you are going to exercise, watch a movie or have a drink with a friend: you try not to think about work for a while!

Tomorrow, you have a free schedule, so you have time for some unfinished business, or you can do the training that’s been on your list for a while.


In this position, taking and registering tickets by phone is only marginal! You spend 90% of your time solving/troubleshooting incidents.

  • Registering and resolving support tickets for our customers, for backup solutions and storage of for example: Commvault solutions. Gartner Magic Quadrant: Commvault Is A Leader For The 10th Time
  • In addition to Commvault, we also sell and support products from Netapp, Komprise and Cohesity. You will have the opportunity to join this development, together with your colleagues!
  • Supporting and guiding your colleagues on a technical level.
  • Being a point of contact for our customers to solve data management issues and to support them in various other areas.
  • Advise, guide, and support our customers with issues in back-up, archiving, content indexing and storage.
  • Liaising with various suppliers to escalate issues related to bugs in the products.
  • Advising customers on installation, configuration, and optimization.

Your back-up is sometimes called your best monitoring tool. If there is something wrong in the network, or if an application does not run properly, you will usually see this reflected in the failure of a back-up. Thus, your knowledge goes beyond the back-up application alone.

Job requirements

Why this is (not) for you:

+ You are analytically strong;

+ Professional and intellectual capacities at MBO / HBO level;

+ You have a passion for service, administration and a proactive attitude;

+ Good command of the Dutch and English language;

+ You have knowledge of Microsoft applications;

+ You have experience with Backup solutions;

+ You have experience with Commvault (pre).

Are you not experienced in this role yet, but you do think it sounds like the job for you? Please contact us: you can also learn from our experienced support engineers!

We are of course very happy to have you as a new colleague!

In addition to a challenging position at unique locations, we therefore offer you a salary that is in line with what your colleagues in the industry earn and we have good secondary conditions such as:

  • Opportunities to grow (training, certification, webinars and knowledge sharing sessions) because we value your potential as much as your current skills;
  • 1 on 1 guidance in the form of a buddy;
  • A company laptop and phone;
  • Hybrid working opportunities;
  • Various side activities (think of boot camp, social projects, incentives).

If you decide to join us, you will join a professional team that loves results. The atmosphere is informal, with short communication lines. Your growth is important to us, so you will receive all the space and tools to learn and grow! Do you want to know more about this challenging position or about DMP? Please contact Bart Uittenhout via or by telephone on +316 510 44 898.